Great Hearts, a not-for-profit organization, provides an unparalleled opportunity for philanthropic commitment and return on investment. Our parents generously donate their time and treasure to each academy’s Community Investment program. Despite the fact that our scholars receive less public funding than district school students, Great Hearts provides a world-class education, with robust athletics and extra-curricular programs. The ongoing contributions of our parents allow Great Hearts to sustain results that often exceed those of elite or exclusive private schools in a public school setting open to all.

Likewise, we are grateful and honored to partner with corporations, foundations and individual donors that allow Great Hearts to open and grow additional academies.  Great Hearts seeks to transform communities and cities by creating self-sustaining networks of high-performing charter schools.

However, new academies can only be created with substantial philanthropic investment. We long to open more school doors to cultivate the hearts and minds of students to pursue Truth, Goodness and Beauty. Please join us in this moral imperative for our country.

The return on investment is dramatic. For every dollar invested in starting a new Great Hearts academy and network of academies, or in supporting the training of new teachers and headmasters, Great Hearts receives many more dollars from the state in annual operational funds year-over-year.

There is no greater social investment than education. Starting a good school is transformative; helping to launch a network of Great Hearts schools across a city or multiple cities can change the fate of our culture. Great Hearts provides donors an opportunity to shape a generation of hearts and minds. It begins with each student, each family. It leads to families coming together to form communities around the Great Hearts mission. It then leads to a revolution of possibilities.

Join us.

If you have any questions about our donor opportunities, please contact,

National & Arizona Partnerships

Dr. Daniel Scoggin, Co-founder, Chief Advancement Officer

Phone: 480-682-7604

Texas Partnerships

Dejah Behnke, Vice President of Advancement

Phone: 210-882-0842