Great Hearts Greater Good Fund

The Great Hearts Greater Good Fund is a shared effort of the Great Hearts community to support the teachers and students at our Title I school, Maryvale Prep.

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We are committed to offering all students the best education possible – the education they deserve, regardless of their socioeconomic background. Gifts to the Great Hearts Greater Good fund make this a reality for our students at the Great Hearts academies located in low-income neighborhoods. The Great Hearts Greater Good fund allows Maryvale Prep teachers to focus on closing the achievement gap by enabling us to maintain small class sizes, helping pay salaries to our qualified teachers who specialize in urban education and helping to provide school supplies, uniforms and special education and ESL (English as a Second Language) materials.

All gifts to the Great Hearts Greater Good fund, at any level, are vital to the health of our Title 1 academies and strengthen the Great Hearts family. In addition to partnering with your own academy through their Community Investment campaign and Tax Credit drive, please also consider supporting the Great Hearts Greater Good fund.

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We are honored to publicly recognize those families, friends, and organizations who have contributed to the Great Hearts Greater Good Fund.

View the Great Hearts 2017-2018 Greater Good Donor List.

What people are saying about the Great Hearts Greater Good fund:

“My grandparents were poor, working class immigrants. In spite of that, they recognized that education was the key to their children’s success, and through hard work and sacrifice were able to celebrate all of their children graduating from college. For me, the Greater Good is an opportunity to continue my grandparents’ legacy and support other families in realizing their own dreams for a better future.”
– Maria Parrish, Veritas Preparatory Academy Parent

“We chose to give to the Greater Good fund because we have been so happy with the Great Hearts approach for our daughter, and the idea that the same high-level academic environment and classical education is offered in communities that are less fortunate than ours is very important…I see the Great Hearts schools as a larger community, and it’s important to us that this community be diverse and support young people from all socio-economic backgrounds.”
– Sarah K. Superfon, Archway Classical Academy | Veritas Parent

To learn more about the Great Hearts Greater Good Fund and how you can support the Great Hearts schools located in traditionally under-served neighborhoods, please contact Sabrina Barwick by email at Thank you!

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